Top Upgrades to Consider When Re-Roofing Your Home

Let’s face it: getting your roof replaced is not the most exciting or glamorous of all the home improvement projects. Most people get it done out of necessity, not because they’ve been dreaming of a completely different roof. However, this doesn’t mean that you have to stick with the same kind of roof that you have always had. There are some upgrades you can make that will actually lower your roofing maintenance work and costs. Re-roofing provides the perfect opportunity to learn more about these helpful features and consider whether or not you want to include them in your home. Keep reading to discover the top five roofing upgrades to keep in mind.


Roofer Energy-Efficient Shingles

In the past, those who wanted their roofs to be cooler and their homes to be more energy efficient would have needed to use white or light-colored shingles. Often, however, these colors were not aesthetically pleasing to homeowners, and they chose to forego the whole thing. Today, there are many more color options available for those who want to prioritize energy efficiency. Reflective shingles are available in a range of colors from slate to wood. The granules in these shingles reflect the sun’s radiation and emit a lot of the heat that is absorbed. Energy efficient roofs can save you between seven and 15 percent on your cooling costs, depending on the climate and construction of the home.


Improved Roof Ventilation

During the summer, the temperature in your attic can rise to supremely high levels if the space is not well ventilated. The buildup of heat can radiate downward, making the rest of your home hotter and less comfortable. To cool down your attic and your home, talk to a contractor who specializes in roofing in Willis, TX. Make sure they install ridge vents along the top of the roof which will allow air to flow through the attic.


Airtight Chimney Cap

Installing an airtight chimney cap can do a lot to make your home more energy efficient, too. When you aren’t using your fireplace during the winter, warm air rushes out of the chimney. This means that your heating system will need to work harder to keep your home at a comfortable temperature, using more energy and costing you more money. Masonry and metal chimney caps don’t do anything to stop this because they are not airtight. Ask the roofing contractor to install an airtight chimney cap while your roof is being worked on.

House Low-Maintenance Gutters

Cleaning the muck out of the gutters is the chore that the majority of homeowners dread the most. Getting a roof replacement is the perfect opportunity to also install a new gutter system, especially one that is virtually maintenance-free. There are new gutter systems that come with built-in curved hoods which allow rainwater to enter while keeping the leaves out. This prevents clogs and removes the need to ever clean out the gutters.


Eave Flashing

Has your home ever been damaged by an ice dam? If so, you may want to install eave flashing when re-roofing the home. Eave flashings are membranes that attach to the house and seal around roofing fasteners to create a watertight seal over the eaves (the area that is most vulnerable to ice dams).


For help deciding which upgrades to choose or to get more information about replacing your roof, contact us at AM Commercial Roofing Company, LLC.