Tips for Protecting Your Roof This Summer

Sun Beating on Roof There’s no secret that the summer can be hard on your roof. Not only will the heat crank up for months at a time, but harsh UV light will likewise pummel your roof and degrade roofing materials and coatings. There’s also an increased chance of violent thunderstorms in the summer, which can bring unexpected powerful winds and damaging hail into the equation. While each season has the potential to cause damage to your roof, no season can match the summer in potential threats. And the kind of damage that can be caused by heat, winds, and hail is best repaired by a residential roofing company in Conroe, TX, which can lead to extra expenditures for which you didn’t budget.

Fortunately, there are many actions you can take to protect your roofing in Conroe, TX, and prevent costly damage. When protecting your roof from the rigors of the summer, prevention goes a long way. Keep reading to learn a few of the things you can do to help your roof weather the summer unscathed.

Inspect It Often

When it comes to your roof, small issues can quickly accumulate, leading to a spiral that ends in a costly roof replacement. Therefore, there is great benefit in catching small problems with your roof before they balloon into bigger ones. The best way to ensure that you tend to roof issues in a timely fashion is to inspect your roof often. After major storms, make sure to view the roof to make sure that no shingles, shakes, or tiles are damaged or out of place. Even when the sun is shining, it’s a good idea to routinely inspect your shingles for tears, curling, or missing granules. If you do detect damage, make sure it gets fixed immediately. Failure to act can compromise your entire roof and lead to increased future roofing expenses.

Keep It Clean

Another key step that you should take during the summer is keeping your roof clean of leaves and debris. Even small debris can be destructive to your roof, as it can block the normal flow of drainage. That can lead to pooled water that can accumulate in low spots rather than running off. No matter how good your roof is, it won’t be able to handle pooled water for long. Roofs are built to drain, so make sure that you facilitate that process by keeping roofs and gutters clear of debris.

Roof Mind Your Threats

It’s also a good idea to survey your roof for potential threats before the summer storm season is upon you. One of the biggest threats to your roof during the summer months is broken limbs that are blown onto your roof surface by the wind contained in thunderstorms. Walk around your house and scan any nearby trees. Do they contain dead or damaged wood that could fall onto your house in a storm? If so, call a professional tree service and have them removed before they can do damage. Are there entire trees adjacent to your house that make you nervous every time the wind blows? Don’t hesitate to remove them. Though it may be costly, it won’t be nearly as costly as replacing your roof and your possessions beneath it. There’s also a safety issue, as falling trees can be dangerous. Take action before a storm, and you may be protecting more than just your roof.

If you take these steps to prepare your roof prior to the summer, you can do a lot to prevent damage that could cost you money in the future. By keeping your roof clean, inspecting it for damage often, and handling potential threats from trees and limbs, your roof will weather the summer storms and provide you with coverage for years to come. To learn more about how you can protect your roof during the summer, visit AM Commercial Roofing Company at