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The Pros and Choosing Impact Resistant Shingles

Given the importance of the roof to your home’s integrity, it’s no wonder that modern roofing materials are being designed to provide more years of durability and protection from exposure to the elements. Many advances to high performance roofing materials have been made in the last few years, providing roofing contractors with the ability to install longer lasting, more durable roofs for their customers. One of the best products at the disposal of a roofing company is the impact resistant shingle. Impact resistant shingles offer better performance through factors such as construction using stronger materials and improved granule adhesion.

Because impact resistant shingles are more advanced than the standard 3-tab asphalt version, they are more expensive up front to purchase. However, that investment will pay dividends in the long run, as the ability of impact resistant shingles to endure severe weather common in Texas will result in fewer calls to a roofing repair service in The Woodlands, TX, after storms. Keep reading to learn more about a few of the many benefits offered by impact resistant shingle installation.

Resistance to Storm Damage

Severe weather can pop up in Texas with very little warning, bringing heavy rains, hail, and high winds that can inflict tremendous damage to your roof. Typical asphalt shingles are no match for these forces of nature, as pounding hail and ripping winds can leave shingles damaged and torn. When that happens, your roof is compromised, as water can easily leak in and create additional problems in your home. Impact resistant shingles are built to take everything nature can hurl at them. They are tested to resist pounding hail, and they can stand increased torsion caused by high winds without tearing. Most impact resistant shingles have an impact rating of Class 4, which means they can withstand an impact from a 2-inch steel ball dropped from 20 feet on the same spot twice. Many impact resistant shingles also have high wind resistance ratings, with some rated as Class H. That means they can withstand hurricane force winds of 150 miles per hour or more.

Variety of Styles and Materials

Impact resistant shingles don’t necessarily have to be made from any particular material, which makes them versatile for use with many styles of houses. They can be made of metals such as copper, aluminum, or steel. Many of those shingles are coated in stone or granules to mimic the appearance of traditional shingles. There are also asphalt shingle-styled models that are made from rubberized polymers. They can even be formed from advanced composites or fiberglass. They come in many colors, textures, shapes and styles. There are impact resistant shingles that replicate the look of terra cotta tiles and wood shakes, for example.

Cost Savings

It may be counterintuitive to think that premium impact resistant shingles provide a cost savings. After all, impact resistant shingles are more expensive than standard shingles at the point of purchase, and they often are more expensive to install as well. However, they will save the average homeowner money in the long term because they are more durable than standard shingles, not just during severe weather but under routine conditions as well. That means you’ll need roof repair and replacement less often, and the structural elements below your shingles will also be better protected from costly damage.

If you live in an area that is frequently bombarded by severe storms and damaging winds, consider upgrading your roof to impact resistant shingles. They’ll better protect your roof and everything under it while allowing you to realize the cost-efficiency of a long lasting, durable roofing material. To learn more about the benefits of impact resistant shingles, contact AM Commercial Roofing Company at (936) 449-8051.

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