The Downsides of DIY Roof Repair

Most people who consider doing a roofing repair themselves are pretty handy with tools and home repair jobs in general. However, there is a subset of people who think that watching a few videos on YouTube about how to do a something can make them an expert. Whichever category you fall into, there are some important considerations to think about before getting on your roof to do the repair work.

Can Cost You More

From the ground, a repair job can look fairly simple. How hard is it to replace a couple of shingles? However, things can change once you get on the roof. The job can be more than a couple of shingles. For example, you may need to replace the lining under the shingles. Worse, you may not be able to see problems that a professional would catch and be able to fix. If you do the repair incorrectly, or you miss a problem, you could be looking at a more costly repair in the future. Calling in a professional to fix your mistakes is expensive.

Can Take More Time

With a DIY project, you can set the schedule. However, if you don’t usually deal with your roof, you may find the job takes more time than you planned for. With most DIY projects, there are unforeseen problems, like not having the right tools to do the job. This means making multiple trips to the home supply store. For a roofing job, you may need extra time to get the right permits and to find the materials you need to do the job. A professional would already know how to deal with permits and know the process well enough to make the job shorter. They will also have most of the materials on hand or have a supplier who can bring the materials to the work site quickly.

You Risk Injury

Climbing on your roof is a health hazard. If you slip and fall, you could end up severely injured. An injury could mean time in the hospital, with the expense that brings, and time off of work, which could cost you a lot of money. Nothing is more important than your health. A professional crew has safety protocols in place to mitigate injury. Their equipment is checked regularly, and they have to meet OSHA guidelines for work safety. Professionals also have the added advantage of practicing the skills they need to be on a roof. They do the job every day, so they know how to navigate roofs and what warning signs to look for that indicate a roof is unsafe.

Leave It to the Pros

Your roof keeps the weather out of your home. When it is intact, it also reduces the probability of rodent infestation and mold growth because it’s designed to keep things, like moisture and animals, out of your house. While DIY projects are great for other areas of the home, if you need roof repairs, you should hire a company to come out and do them.

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