Reasons Why Spring is the Best Time for Roof Repair

Winter puts a lot of strain on roofs, exposing them to frigid temperatures, high winds, heavy snow, and ice--often all at the same time--for months on end. Come spring, your roof is ready for a reprieve, and it's also is a great time to get a roof inspection and any repair work out of the way. Why? If you are considering hiring residential roofing in Magnolia, TX, here is why spring is the best time of year to get your roofer under contract.

Few Weather Extremes

Spring is not perfect. Thunderstorms are always possible, and the occasional reminder winter was just a few weeks ago can crop up. But generally, spring is a time when the weather is drier, warmer without being too hot, and free of most prolonged weather annoyances. It also is the easiest time of the year for residential roofing contractors, as they are not freezing in the cold or blistering in the heat.

Availability of Residential Roofing Companies

Most people get their roof work done in the summer. They are still too busy thawing out to think about it for most of the spring; plus, for most people, it is a busy time of year. Residential roofing companies have schedules that are usually wide open until warm weather really starts to set in.

Easier Repairs

Roofing equipment is not impervious to the elements. If it is too cold or too hot, materials and equipment can be affected negatively. If it happens too much--say, a compressor keeps overheating because it is 95 degrees out, or everything is harder and stiffer because it is frozen--a simple roofing project can get delayed. Spring, with the fair weather it usually brings, creates the perfect environment for just about all roofing materials or equipment.

Happier Employees

In a perfect world, every residential roofing contractor and their help would be cheery, enthusiastic, and impervious to weather extremes all year long. In the real world, as much as some employers do not like to admit it, even the most stalwart employee can get tired of freezing or roasting all day. Extreme weather also tires people out, and tired people make mistakes. The simple fact of the matter is that the employees of a residential roofing company are more comfortable in spring, and that means they are happier to be on the job, which means the job is done better.

Better Visibility

Snow and ice can obscure a problem in spring, while branches and leaves can obscure the same issue in summer and fall. Spring is in between too much white stuff and too much green stuff, which means it is easier to inspect a roof and identify needed work and maintenance. The ideal time of the year to complete a roof inspection is spring, preferably after it starts to warm up regularly, but before inspecting a roof becomes like walking in a furnace.

Possible Discounts

Early to mid-spring still is a period of slowness for most roofers. Being willing to get work done in that time frame can mean you can secure discounts for your projects. You should not expect one, but if your roofing contractor needs work, you may be able to work out a deal.

Spring is a great time to have roof inspection, maintenance, and repairs completed, before the brutal heat of summer sets in. If you are interested in a roofing inspection or repairs, check out AM Commercial / Residential Roofing.