Preventive Roof Maintenance: What You Need to Know

You may not spend much time thinking about your roof. Even though it keeps the elements out and protects your family, it may not be something that crosses your mind—until there’s a problem. When your roof has an issue, it can impact the entire integrity of your home. The key to preventing serious problems is regular maintenance. Here are just a few of the ways your roofing company in Conroe, TX, recommends keeping things in good condition.

Clean Your Gutters

Your gutter system is specifically designed to carry water away from your roofline and the foundation of your home. But, because it’s frequently exposed to the elements, it also collects leaves, twigs, and debris. Over time, your gutters can become blocked, causing water to sit on your roof. This can cause water damage and leaks. To keep things flowing properly, clear out your gutters at least twice a year. Make sure to remove any debris from your downspout and rinse out the piping with a hose to remove any residue.

Check the Flashing

The flashing is the area of your roof that connects the joints of your roof. They can also be found next to chimneys. The flashing is designed to prevent water from seeping into the joints and causing issues. Over time, flashing can become damaged or loose. If this occurs, water can seep underneath and cause serious issues with your roof. At least once a year, inspect the flashing on your roof to ensure that it’s in working condition.

Inspect Your Roof

When was the last time you took a good look at your roof? Especially after a big storm, it’s important to inspect your roof for any damaged, torn, or missing shingles. Regular inspections will alert you to any cracks or weathered spots. If there are any dips or valleys developing, you’ll see them before they begin to collect water. Regular inspections are key to ensuring that your roof doesn’t develop serious issues.

Replace Damaged Shingles

The shingles on your roof are subjected to all kinds of weather conditions. Rain, heat, and wind wreak havoc on the integrity of your shingles over time. You may notice that some begin to tear, crack, or warp the longer that they’re in use. At the first signs of damage, it’s a good idea to replace them. Damaged shingles don’t have the ability to protect your roof like they should. Replacing them with new ones is key to preventing problems.


Call a Professional

If you’re unsure of the maintenance that your roof needs, or if you notice any disrepair, it’s always best to call a professional. Roofing companies in Conroe, TX, have the tools and expertise needed to ensure that your roof is thoroughly examined and repaired as needed. Along with repairs and replacements, these experts can inspect your roof regularly and perform any necessary maintenance to keep your roofing system intact.

Maintaining your roof will prevent serious issues from occurring, but it’s not a catchall. If you notice problems developing on your roofline, it’s time to call a roofing company in Conroe, TX. The experts at AM Commercial Roofing Company, LLC can help to restore your roof and your peace of mind. Call today!