Identifying a Roofing Scam: Know How

Picture of Roof in Tip-Top Shape A roof is an important investment, as it's responsible for protecting your home from the natural elements. While many of the companies that offer you roofing services in Montgomery, TX are legitimate, there are those that are looking to scam you out of your money. In addition to spending more than you should, this could result in poor workmanship that could result in damage to your home and health risks to your family. These are some common roofing scams and how to avoid them.

Storm Chasers

A common roofing scam comes following a major storm. These scammers are called “storm chasers” because they go into areas that storms have hit in an attempt to have homeowners allow them onto their roofs. These types of roofers will usually go door-to-door handing out fliers and will verbally offer to repair your home. Oftentimes, they’ll attempt to convince you that there is damage to your roof, even if there is none. They will tell you that you can get a discounted or free repair simply by filing a claim with your insurance company. These types of repairs are dangerous as the workmanship is usually quite poor. The scammers are looking to repair as many roofs as they can quickly before skipping town. If someone comes to your door claiming your roof needs a repair, you should be suspicious. They may also come claiming that they repaired a roof nearby and have spare materials.

Extremely Low Price

When you’re in need of a roof repair, the contractor will usually provide an estimate of how much the repair will cost. While the final price of the repair may not be the exact amount of the estimate, it should be close. Those looking to scam you might come offering an extremely low price. Once they begin work, that price will get bigger as unforeseen circumstances arise. Eventually, you’ll end up paying more than the market price for the repair. The best way to avoid this type of scam is to do an online search to find out what the typical price of the type of repair is. Accepting an estimate of around that price will ensure that the final amount will be near what was estimated.

Professional Roofer Speaking with Homeowner Claim of Damage

If your roof appears to be in good shape, it probably is. However, there may come a time where you get a knock on your door from a roofer claiming that they’ve spotted damage on your roof. They’ll likely show you an area of your roof claiming that a small piece is a red flag. They may even want to climb up on your roof for a closer inspection and claim that it’s in worse shape than they realized. This is a common way of getting homeowners to purchase a new roof when they don’t need one. If someone comes to your home claiming damage, you should avoid them and never let anyone on your roof unless you’ve contacted them. If you’re afraid there might actually be roof damage, you should contact another roofing company for a second opinion.

Most of the roofing contractors in Montgomery, TX, that you come into contact with will be honest and only repair your roof if it needs it. However, there are some that will attempt to scam you into purchasing roofing services in Montgomery, TX. Keep these common scams in mind to protect yourself from falling for a roofing scam. Contact AM Commercial/Residential Roofing for quality service at a reasonable price!