Common Drawbacks of Delaying Roof Repairs

Once upon a time, if you noticed the roof on your home had damage, after assessing the type, you went into the garage or barn, got the ladder, grabbed some spare shingles and the tools you needed, and got to work. Technology in roofing has largely made that approach obsolete, but tackling the problem should still be an immediate priority. If you notice that your home’s roof needs work, you should contact a contractor for residential roofing in The Woodlands, TX, immediately. Delaying can cause major problems and cost a lot of money down the line. Here is why.


The most obvious risk for damage beyond the needed roof repair is the potential for leaks. Leaks can cause havoc in your house. One leak can cause wood rot, mold infestation, or just saturate everything around the entrance point. Once all that happens, residential roofing companies can address the leak, but you likely also have work to schedule with other contractors to repair the water damage.

Additionally, since water seeks the path of least resistance. you could have a leak in one place on your roof and the water could travel dozens of feet away. You may not notice until a simple leak becomes a crisis. It even can cause roof damage somewhere else, meaning repeated visits from your residential roofing contractor.   

Worsening Damage

Few things are as destructive to your house as roofing damage. Not only can it lead to leaks and higher energy bills, depending on the time of year, but the damage could also get significantly worse and require major work, or even a total roof replacement by your residential roofing contractors.

A heavy snow cover, for example, could cause a damaged cross beam or sub-roof to crack, splinter, and even collapse. A small leak could expand and lead to damaging the ceilings and walls that the water can get to most easily. That means your initial roof repair will have jumped in significance and cost to fix it.

Here is a list of places and things that can be damaged by ignoring needed roof repair:

  • Roof
  • Sub-roof
  • Insulation
  • Attic
  • Drywall
  • Foundation

Tackling a small amount of damage now can help you avoid having to deal with a large amount of damage later.


Animals are opportunistic for the most part, and if the damage on your roof gives them an opening, they could take up residence in your attic, ceilings, and/or walls. Animals can be extremely destructive to your house. They can nest everywhere, chew wires, eat insulation, and leave droppings all over. Allowing an animal to take up residence simply because you ignored a problem can lead to costly exterminator services and other related repairs.

More Roof Damage

A little roof damage can lead to a major roof repair need. For example, say a few shingles got ripped off your roof during a storm. Then, say another storm comes through a few days later with high winds. The ripped or torn shingles can give the wind purchase, which can lead to more shingles being ripped off, and more significant work for your residential roofing company. Even something as simple as a tarp to cover the damage can help prevent further damage from occurring.

Ignoring roofing repair can lead to a lot of problems. If you have roof repair or maintenance needs, act now and check out AM Commercial / Residential Roofing.