A Guide to Choosing the Right Roof Shingle Color

Your house is a major investment, and you want it to look great from the rooftop to the ground. Whether you’re building a new structure or replacing existing roofing material, you want the finished product to look great. With the plethora of shingle colors available today, here are some guidelines to help you get it right.


Architectural Style


Aside from choosing your favorite color, take into consideration what it will look like on your particular house. If your house is a ranch style, it might look best with a combination of colors. A two-story colonial style might look better with solid color shingles. Drive around your area, or subdivisions, and look for houses with a similar structure as your home. Snap some pictures, or take some notes about any color combinations that look particularly good in the surroundings. You can also look at house styles and colors online. Take some pictures of your house and try to visualize how it would look with some of the samples you found.


Neighborhood Associations


If you live in an association, you will need to check about rules and regulations for colors of houses and roofs. Many associations like a uniform look, and that might narrow down your color choices.


Curb Appeal


Aside from personal color preferences, choose a color shingle that will compliment your exterior colors. Once a choice is made, you will have to live with it forever, or until you sell the property. If your plan is to sell the property eventually, avoid brightly-colored shingles. Remember the idea of curb appeal. If your house doesn’t have shingle colors that increase appeal, you might have a difficult time selling it. You want your house to stand out, but in a good way. Ask a roofing installation company for samples of current trends in shingle colors. The color of shingles can match the siding, or contrast the exterior colors to give the house personality. The trim colors of the house must also be taken into consideration.


Color Combinations


Shingles come in many colors from solids to a mix of colored flecks embedded in the texture. The traditional shingle colors are gray, brown, or black. You can choose to use a mix of colors such as gray and black, or tan and brown for contrast or a staggered effect. If your house is white, gray, yellow, or blue, gray or black shingles create a stately contrast. If your house has red or yellow brick siding, green, black, brown or gray shingles would look good. If your siding is earth-toned, brown or tan shingles will coordinate with the exterior. Use reddish clay-colored roof shingles on a Spanish style home to mimic clay roof tiles. Avoid harsh colors that tend to break the home into sections. To help conserve energy, use light-colored shingles in warmer climates to reflect solar heat from the sun, to help keep the inside of your home cooler. In colder climates the opposite is true. Dark colored shingles absorb the solar heat and can help keep your house warmer.


Roofer Recommendations


Professional roofing installation services should have the experience to be able to guide you toward shingle colors that will increase the appeal of your home. The contractor might suggest staggering colors for a natural-toned roof with a cooler base. High-contrast colors such as gray and cream tend to highlight features of your home.


You need to feel comfortable with the shingle colors you choose for the long-term. Roofing companies in Magnolia, TX, such as AM Commercial/Residential Roofing Company, LLC, have over 20 years in the roofing business. They can show you a variety of shingles in many colors and different styles to choose from. They know how to keep the big picture in mind for an end goal that you will be more than pleased with for years to come. Call today!